New Podcast Title, New Blog

This photo is my boys and me leaving Disney World on our most recent trip and is appropriate for this entry. I’m ceasing publishing to this blog and beginning publishing at a new blog to reflect the Podcast title change.  This blog won’t disappear anytime soon, but any new entries will be at

Folks, as many of you may know, I changed the name of the podcast to “This Running Life”.  If you are subscribed in iTunes, the feed remains the same, only the title will appear different in your iTunes downloads.  But I have started a new blog, and am slowly building that website as my new web home.  But this site will remain up for a while until I decide if I want to import all of this to Word Press.

Until then, enjoy my past here and my future at

As always, thank YOU, for listening and for your encouragement.  It means the world to me.


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