TRL Episode 010: Year in Review/Things I’ve Learned

Gordon reviews his year in running and stuff.  He also shares what he has learned about himself

Voice mails from Jennifer and Amanda.


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  1. Gordon,

    Keep up the good work! I almost had to stop my long run because of my laughing. I have been wondering about my sanity when I made a deal with myelf to listen to every episode from the beginning. I marked listened to all of them, even though I am only halfway through. I am currently on Jan 24, 2010. I have run and shoved snow to your podcast in the last few weeks almost everyday.

    I was out shoveling our last bout of 4-5 inches of snow when I was listening to the people giving their post race reports and talking about how how cold it was and there was a little sleet at the 2010 WDW Marathon.

    Gordon keep up the good work and I hope to catch up in the near future!

    I have been amazed at how many callers or emailers you have had that are saying the same thing as I am … that you are an inspiration and a motivation!

    If you keep talking, I’ll keep listening!

    Jason from Idaho

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