Daily Pic Jan 22

Hugging Rookie after I ran with him for the first time.  An easy one-miler.  We have to build his base!


  1. Gordon,

    Listened to the latest this morning – was loving your run with Rookie. I’ve got to tell you, Speedway has been such a great running companion for me over the last few years. Keep doing what you’re doing – build up the mileage slowly for him, put in some faster miles…you’ll be amazed at how he adjusts.

    Now when I run with Speedway, he is focused. Does he notice a squirrel or rabbit? Yes. Does he try to get them? Seldom. Does he stop to sniff? Never. He runs…he stops to pee/poop, and then he’s ready to rock. And after the run? Tired! Hungry! Sounds familiar?

    Enjoy your time with Rookie. Maybe, one day we’ll be lucky enough to get the four of us out for a run!


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