Picture of the day– “Tozy”

This is Tozy. Hudson’s prized stuffed animal. We bought him at Target from the dollar toy bins near the entrance. Hudson has loved Tozy since he was 2. He is 9 now. Tozy is king of Hud’s vast stuffed animals collection. Funny thing about HUD is that he is a rough and tumble kid but inside his bedroom he loves his stuffed animals. Crazy, eh? When HUD would cry he used Tozy to wipe his tears. I get emotional thinking about this dollar bear’s role throughout the bulk of my son’s life on Earth. He doesn’t always reach for Tozy like he used to, but when we saw the bear tonight he carried him around and here he lies in bed with us as HUD reads a book and I share his story with you. Excuse me. I need to go wipe my eyes.


  1. Even now that we are 34 and 32 years old respectively, my big, tough, older brother still has his Brahm’s teddy bear. A couple of years ago my brother caught a truly nasty flu bug which we thought was going to kill him. Needless to say, Brahms came out of the closet to keep him company.

  2. My son will be 9 in June. He has a be full of stuffies. His favorite are his 4 otters 🙂 Funny how kids can be similar.

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