Myrtle Beach Marathon Expo

As you know, I am an SF Marathon Ambassador.  In that capacity, I’ll be at the Myrtle Beach Marathon Expo on Friday afternoon to pick up my race packet and do a little shopping.  I’ll also have a few SF Marathon items to give away.  So if you see a bald guy, much like the handsome model used in the pic below, sporting a SF Marathon backpack (yes, like the one below), then go tell him that the SF Marathon is “Worth the Hurt.” He’ll give you a prize (could be a hat, socks, water bottle , etc., all themed for the SF Marathon!).  I’ll tweet when I am there so  fgollow me at @VeganG26_2


  1. When are you gonna update the podcast? The myrtle race you dropped some serious time, nice.. Itd be entertaining to hear how the race went in your style of talking.

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