Product Review: SnuggBuds

Part of my role as a SF Marathon Ambassador is to review products sent to us by race sponsors.  So, last week I received a pair of SnuggBuds ear buds.  I sampled the SB-X model or sport model.  They make ear buds in all sorts of varieties and styles, from those specifically for Droid and iPhones, for those who need LOTS of bass in their ears, for those who would like their ear buds “bedazzled.”  First, I was pleased to received the white sports model and not the hot pink, Blingg Buds.” But I digress.

Ok, I wore these on a couple of runs and in the car on the way to work. I LOVE the cord. It is a fabric, tangle-free,  cord that drapes well, and not stiff or curled up like most new ear buds can be right out of the packaging.  The buds come with extra ear gels fo various sizes.  For me, a guy with a big mouth, I have strangely small ear openings. So I gravitate toward the smaller of the ear gels (why am I telling you this?). The buds seal off the ear pretty well and restrict any ambient noise from disrupting my Lady Gaga tunes (not sure I should’ve shared that).  They aren’t too bulky either, so I didn’t feel as if I had marbles in my ears.  If you have issues with those buds that just rest just inside the ear falling out of your ears (and I do) then you’ll love these.  They do not move once you’ve secured them.

Another thing I love about these buds is the cord. It is wrapped in fabric, which prevents tangling (to a point–my kid can tangle anything. Sorry Snugg Buds).  The fabric covering keeps the cord light and easy to manage.  Plus, it comes with a clip for securing the cord to a shirt collar or a hydration belt, or even a backpack strap. I love the clip!

The cord length is 1.2 Meters (close to 4 feet), which allows for me to keep it attached to my iPod in a lumbar pouch with plenty of cord to spare and not feel as if it is tugging or too short.

The sound quality is fantastic.  These are your basic SnuggBuds, and not the one’s with enhanced Bass.  I cannot imagine how much bass you get with those.  quality set of buds!

I’d really like to try a pair of their iPhone buds with a clickable mic to talk.   I drive and talk on my phone a great deal, so having a quality set of dependable ear buds with the mic would be ideal!


  1. I tried a pair of these as well at the Bay to Breakers expo last weekend. I agree with you, the sound quality is amazing. My only qualm with these is the blockage of ambient noise. While that improves the quality of the music you are listening to, I could not help but think as I was watching the demonstration person’s lips move as she was talking to me, that I would not hear a horn, a siren, screeching tires before they hit me on the roadway. Good music quality is good. Death or maim by motor vehicle not so good.

    1. Chris, yup. With the noise reducing buds, I typically run with one in my ear and the other out. I find that is a great way to stay alert yet get my tunes. Bay to Breakers looked awesome!

  2. I bought their headphones at the WDW Marathon expo and one of the buds fell apart at mile 21. I just got off the phone with a guy that said he was an owner. After telling me I deserve a refund, he said he will NEVER send me a refund for their defective product because my return letter was rude. His piece of junk product fell apart 21 miles into a marathon and let me down when I needed it most and I somehow am the bad guy. Beware!

  3. I brought 3 sets at MacWorld 2012… 1 pair fell apart, the connectors on the other 2 broke.. sending them back for a warranty replacement. Great sounds but not worth it when they break in just a few months.

  4. Gotta agree with durability concern. I bought a pair direct from them at the Surf City Marathon in Feb. 2013. They got little use, but the connector (Jack) failed after maybe 50hrs total usage (over 10 months). Since it was out of warranty (only 6 months warranty is weak if you ask me), I got a 50% off coupon. That’s great, but it still cost me $28.00 after shipping ($7.50 for first class mail). Very nice lady in customer service, but I feel they should have been replaced at no cost due to minimal usage, which I asked them to do. We’ll see how my replacement does.

  5. Snuggbuds are HORRIBLE! I have had to return multiple pairs and they continuously break!! Good sound when they do work, however, horrible horrible quality and I do not recommend unless you feel like replacing your headphones every couple of months…

  6. I have had SnuggBuds for years and experienced no major issues. I asked them one time to replace a headset because the speaker had failure after I got it wet (my fault) and their staff really helped me out for no charge. I cannot complain about this company whatsoever and I have many friends in our running circle who use SnuggBuds religiously and love them! I bought Sony before and those failed and Sony wouldn’t stand behind their products like SnuggBuds has for me and my wife. I’d buy and use these before any other brand. Also…keep in mind that not everyone takes the time to write reviews about products they like or love…it is just usually the “complainers” who love to speak poorly and provide negative feedback. Therefore, I felt compelled to add my truthful opinion about the negative words from people here.

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