Product Review: K-Swiss Blade-Light Recover

Just before the LA Marathon I was contacted by K-Swiss and asked if I was interested in reviewing a new shoe they have on the market, the Blade-Light Recover.  This is a light weight slip-on shoe that is designed for runners and triathletes to wear following races.  Very easy on and off, the shoe is light and very gentle on tired feet.

This shoe (and others in the Blade-Light “family”: the Blade-Light Race and the Blade-Light Run) features “Blade-Light” concept of shoe design. A one-piece midsole/outsole that keeps the shoe light and responsive.  The “blade’ comes from the angles of the “K-EVA” blades on the midsole/outsole.  The angle of these blades, especially in the race and run models, is supposed to provide responsiveness and flexibility.

I was sent a complimentary pair of the Recover model of this shoe.  I’ve worn it at various stages of training: following long runs, after swims, just getting off the bike on a long-ride Saturday morning. They feel great and they solve my issue of what to wear after a race or hard effort.  A lot of runners like to slip on a pair of flip-flops or sandals, but the soles of my feet are sensitive after a long run and the memory-foam in the insole feels like a pillow–I kid you not.  I’d rather wear these shoes after a marathon, than walk around in my race shoe or sandals.

Speaking of sandals, if you like to wear shoes with an open heel, then you’ll like this shoe.  The heel folds down to create a heel pad so that you can wear these shoes like clogs, if you see fit.


Blade-Light Run

Blade-Light Race

Blade-Light Recover

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