San Francisco Marathon 2011

Official results for the SF Marathon 2011:
3:33:23 finish.
Overall rank: 578 out of 5,988 finishers
Male: 511 out of 3,991
40-44 age group: 78 out of 572

7.4 miles: 57:57 (7:50 pace)
13.1 miles: 1:42:58 (7:52 pace)
20 miles: 2:40:14 (8:01 pace)

More soon. But was a good result. Learned a lot and exorcised some race demons once and for all.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.


  1. I enjoyed following your training when you logged on Daily Mile. It helped me learn how you pushed yourself to improve. Will you be logging training on-line anymore?

  2. Gordon-so glad i got to see you-even briefly at the expo. Thank you for taking the time to say hello. Sorry I could not join you the rest of the clan at the post-race meet up. It took me a tad longer than i expected to complete the run and I was hurting afterwards. I’m glad you exercised your race demons. You did tremendous on a truly challenging course. You are correct-Golden gate Park WAS a bear! I thought I’d never get out of there! Congrats my frend.

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