Portrait of a Day

It has been a long time since I had the energy or time to draft a blog entry. I feel horrible. I have so much to say. Where have I been? I’ve been in the state of chaos.  To give you an idea of why it is hard to sit and reflect for this blog, I present to you last Tuesday:

4:15 am:  wake, eat, coffee, dress, prep for run, poop, pee, do some of my core routine

5:20 am: out the door for run. head lamp, blinkie on, pre dawn walk to start point

5:30-7:00 am: 10 mile tempo run in 1:18

7-7:30: shower, eat, dress, feed kids, feed dog, pack backpacks, out door for school “What do you want for breakfast?” “I dunno. There’s nothing to eat here!” (there is plenty to eat here!) “Did you brush your teeth?!” “yes!” I don’t believe them. “Let me smell your breath.  Ugh. Go brush!”

7:30-8: drive to school, play “punch buggy” with the boys, accumulate bruises on arms, drive to work, open up office

8-3:45: work

3:45: sneak out to pool for quick 24 minute swim session, 1150 yds.

4:15: or so: shower dress, close up office, pick up kids from school

4:30-5:15: kids snack, play with crazy dog, kids start homework, dress preston for soccer practice, prep dinner

5:15-5:30: drive Pres to soccer practice

5:30-7:45: soccer practice

7:45-8:30: home, dinner, kids ready for bed, finish homework, do dishes, pack lunches for next day

8:30-9:30 bedtime for kids. fall asleep on Hudson’s bed, wake up, prep for next day workout, eat snack, stretch, bed


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  1. One year ago on September 18th, 2010, I decided to set a goal to run a half marathon.It was my 48th birthday and I needed to make a change and do something for ME. As a mom of three kids, life seems to be filled with always taking care of everyone else. Though I love my life and wouldn’t change any of it, I had found that I was kind of getting lost in taking care of everyone else and not doing much for myself. I jogged occasionally, and had run three 5k’s. As I sat at my computer, Googling, “How to train for a Half marathon?”, I found the Disneyland Half Marathon. After watching some YouTube videos, and seeing that “normal” people ran the race, not just tall lean athletes, I decided that this would be my race. I LOVE Disneyland and my best memories are special times spent there.
    I found your podcast while looking up information for the Disneyland Half Marathon. As this was going to be my first half marathon, i needed all the help I could get. I immediately loved your warmth and realness. When you share your stories, I laugh out loud and cry along with you too. Your dog stories constantly reminded me of my favorite comedian,Brian Regan’s skit on barking dogs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMDlZHdKMqk . The story you shared about wearing your wife’s sunglasses made me laugh so hard while running ,I snorted out my Gatorade. The tender moments you share about your kids were so sweet, it makes us parents appreciate and reflect on our own stories of our kids. I saved your podcasts for my long run days. It kept me motivated to keep running and sometimes , I would skip my walk breaks because, I would be so entranced in your story. I am so far behind in your athletic journey as now you are Vegan and a triathlete. I am still listening to your earlier podcasts.
    I used Jeff Galloway’s training and your podcasts to accomplish my goal. I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sept 4th and finished in 2 hours 17 minutes and 22 seconds. I had so much Fun. I loved every step of the race.I loved the class and quality of the Disney event. Disney does things like no one else.Every detail is taken care of and done with such style.
    I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my goal, I still COULD have done it without you, but it would have been so much more BORIIG.
    Thank you again, Robin Torres

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