It is race week for me.  Just a few light workouts and then I’ll toodle down to Panama City, Florida for the Gulf Coast Triathlon 70.3 on Saturday, May 12.

Obviously, this is my first, as you can tell by the trembly penmanship on this blog entry. To be sure, anxiety and nervousness comes with any race.  But with any “first” there’s a great deal of unknown.  I don’t know what this race will “feel” like, what mental games I’ll have to play, how I’ll play them, or what I need to prepare for as the race unfolds.  I’ve raced enough marathons that I can predict my mood swings, nutritional needs, and how my body will feel at a certain mile marker.  But with a long course Tri, I have no clue.

Of course, this ignorance can help a doofus like me.  I won’t stress about some of the things that might hamper my race performance perhaps.  I can’t fret over what I don’t expect. Get it?

Goals, you ask? Yes, I have them. And I’m not being flippant here. But here goes:

1. Have fun and smile

2. Race smart

3. Finish strong and happy

There ya go. Oh. Time goals for each element?  Swim: no clue. Bike: No clue. Run: sub 2:00.

Good news is I reached my race weight goal for the race just this Sunday. Now that Im in taper I can try not to look like Fat Albert by race time.   Hey, Hey, Hey!!!


  1. You’re going to great Gordon. Race smart, go with how your body feels and race in the moment. You have plenty of fitness to reach your goals and put in a “solid time.”

    Think back to your first marathon experience. This will probably be similar. You’ll probably feel about the same way during the run as you did in the second half of your first marathon. I’ve heard that from a lot of people, and that was certainly my experience.

    Take it easy on the swim – you can’t gain or lose that much time. Go harder on the bike than you think you can – it’s easy to sit back and just spin and chill. Then, summon every bit of energy you have left (make sure you eat and drink) and run like you stole something.

  2. Hey Gordon …. you will do just fine. You have done the work so it’s now time to relax and enjoy the day. Start out slow and build it up as the race unfolds. Have a great day out there.

  3. I love your goals! They are exactly as they should be so you can enjoy the glory of the first time finish line. Race day is celebration day – let it unfold and have fun. Stay present in the moment 🙂

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