He’s 11

My baby boy is 11 today.  Goodness where did the time go!?  This is my baby.   And now he is a PRETEEN!

Here’s the crazy and great and wonderful thing about Hudson.  He is a tough-as-nails kid who will give you all he has.  But he has a heart for other people, a heart for kindness, a heart for fairness.  Here’s a classic story and one that really made us realize this kid is so special.  Halloween 2008.  We are at a friend’s house and the adults are socializing while the kids take turns handing out candy.  Hudson’s turn and some bigger kid walks up and grabs a handful of candy out of the bowl instead of waiting for Hud to give him a piece.  So now the candy is gone and Hudson is bothered.  There are more kids coming, but no candy to give.  So my son, who was 7 at the time, takes HIS OWN CANDY and gives it out until there is none left.  Do you know what this does to a parent? To see a kid hand out his own candy–the equivalent of gold to adults–so other kids can have a happy halloween???

This is Hudson.  Soft, sensitive, and loving.  A kid who still sleeps with a stuffed animal, but when we wrestle he takes no prisoners and works so hard to beat me, and he is so close.  The kid is relentless.  Hard as nails exterior, mushy and loving heart on the inside.  I’d like to be more like my son…


Happy Birthday my beautiful, beautiful boy!


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  1. Sounds like you and the wife did a great job Gordon! (And for the record, I’m 32 and still sleep with stuffed animals – purely for back support of course… but they aren’t bad company when My sailor is at sea!)

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