It is good to be back! (Marathon training that is)

What I see every day on my runs. Stunning

Man, I missed it. I missed long runs early in the morning.  The crazy sleepy I have as I rise at 4:15 each day. The quiet dark and solitude of only me and the road as I start running. And the great feeling I have in doing 9-12 miles before 7 AM each day. The feeling I get as my head hits the pillow and I fall fast asleep just after 9 each night.

Don’t get me wrong. After racing 5 marathons in a 54 week period in 2010-2011, I needed a mental break. Trying to reach a time goal in each and the pressure that accompanied the prep for those races took a mental toll by last December when I last ran a 26.2.  I needed spring and summer to scale back running, explore Triathlon, and rest the mind a bit.

But long runs and heavy legs, I missed you.

Here it is, Friday and I’ve just run 44 miles since Tuesday. I’ll run 16 or so on Sunday. A solid 60 mile week, which is higher than my early marathon cycle mileage total. I’m pushing my peak miles this cycle higher than ever. And I’m excited about this race, but especially the training.  I love training for these things.  I love it.

California International Marathon. Marathon #8. December 2. Here we go.


  1. Your training seems to be going really well, Gordon. What is your goal for this marathon?

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