As October comes to a close and I can now catch a glimpse of the beginning of the end of my 8th marathon training cycle, I want to celebrate my biggest running month since I started this crazy sport.

As I’ve written before, I am increasing my weekly mileage for CIM on the idea (well documented in running books, etc) that to really excel in a marathon one has to train at 70+ miles a week in order to build the sort of long distance endurance and strength needed to hold a speedy pace for the entire race.

That said, I’ve had a great month. October is my peak month for CIM training.

This month I ran 325.78 miles.

Not bad for a guy with 2 kids who play different sports, who has a full-time job, and who has to rise at 3:50 AM each day to get it all in!

Run miles for October 2012

This is 86 more miles than last October.

Run miles for October 2011

What’s really cool about this is that my average HR for October 2012 is 6 beats per minute lower than the same time period last year.


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