The Five: Friday, June 7

Friday five:

1. 12 most challenging trail runs in America (from Business Insider–Thanks Nancy!)

2. This device turns your running shoe into a battery charger (Thanks, M)

3. “My back is hurting while I run” “You are pregnant and in labor.” “Whaaaaa!”

4. The Mystique of Western States

(side note: if you are not into trail running, consider Western States to be the Trail Running equivalent for Ultra runners that Boston is for marathoners.  Mecca.  I once heard the race described as “mainstream” by someone who knew diddly.  Mainstream, my bald a$$)

5. Dual race reports from the same race by the newest internet power couple of Southern California:  Quadrathon and TribeccaTO

Have a great weekend.  And do something you love.

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