The Five: Friday, June 14

Friday five:

1. Piriformis bugging you?  Try these

2. A positive outlook is better for your health, and, in my opinion, your training

3. I love this, and if you’ve run for any length of time, you can relate

4. Really fascinating read

5. Running from Failure-see quote below:

“So yeah, I hate video games.  Super warriors and super heroes my ass. My cape is made of paper and held on by pins. My technical weapon is a pair of running shoes. My bat-signal is the sound of a starting gun and the war I am waging is against the lazy, fat and the complacent. You want my respect? Get your shoes on and join me out here. That couch you’re sitting on…it’s a coffin. R.I.P.” 


You run.  You are someone’s hero. Believe it.

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