Surgery Update

Surgery went well.  Both hernias were repaired successfully and I am home recovering for the rest of the week.

Perhaps I’m still in a post-surgery drug fog, but I am ok so far with no running or cycling or anything for that matter for some time.  Of course, I’m happy just to be able to get out of the bed and to the toilet unassisted, so my bar is set kind of low.

The endurance athlete in me wanted to show how strong I was by not taking pain pills at all during recovery.  But the smart side of me prevailed.  The drugs are nice.

In the long view of things, my body welcomes a total rest period.  And I keep envisioning how I’ll feel when I return to running.  What will that feel like exactly?

Thanks for the well wishes.  Means a lot to me.



1 Comment

  1. Nice to hear that your went well. Make sure to take proper rest and not to lift heavy things which is very important in the recovery process of a hernia surgery. The recovery time may vary according to people and take as much time as your body demands. If your body wants rest take rest.
    Take care…

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