Almost a week

The gown and hospital socks look is always fashionable


Pre-surgery EKG.  Was pretty happy to see an pre-op HR at 56 (given how nervous I was).   The anesthesiologist said “you have the EKG of a runner.”  Made me feel pretty good.


Almost one week out of surgery and I’m feeling better.  Movement is easier.  Getting out of bed is easier.  Thanks to an enormous amount of prunes and Milk of Magnesia, lots of things are easier.  Less need for pain killers.  Still have a ways to go, but happy I got this done.  Now just have to be a good boy and follow doctor’s orders about taking it easy.


  1. Did you tell her that you are a runner? I’m glad to hear the healing is coming along nicely and that you’re following doctor’s orders. Looking forward, as I know you are, to hearing you’re cleared to run again. 🙂

  2. Good wishes and positive thought for you. Before long you’ll. be out there again. Thanks for sharing your journey, as always.

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