It doesn’t take a Gofundme account to inspire kids

You want to inspire kids?

You want me to give you money to do some 50 state ego tour/run/Tri/odyssey to inspire those kids.

You don’t have to do some epic event that draws more attention to you than your cause.

You just have to walk down the street and coach a local team.

Or use all that money to fund a local cross country team.

Or start a youth sports team in a town that needs one.

Or pay the entry fees for kids who want to try your sport but can’t afford it.

Or maybe hang with your kids a little more and bike/run a little less.

It doesn’t take a gofundme account.

It doesn’t take a documentary crew.

It doesn’t take your glorification in Runners World or Triathlon magazines.

It doesn’t take a silly nickname with “iron” In it.

It just takes a little time.

And a little less ego.

And attention.

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