The 5k Strategy

Runner’s World online has an interesting piece on 5K strategy–that starting out at a faster pace than previously thought will actually increase physical performance and reduce race times. Let’s be clear here. I just want to finish my 5K. BUT, I will say that the study they site in this piece worked for me yesterday. I ran just about 3 miles last night and started my first mile fast–at least for me! The next mile I ran slower, slower than my standard mile pacing. The final mile I ran a little up-tempo because my I-Pod had some nice music I had loaded just for running–the sound track to the Disney Spectromagic Parade (by the way, if anyone has a better quality soundtrack for that parade–the entire parade, please let me know. I had to loop a one-minutes clip about 8 times to get a decent length). Great music for running. I was thinking a lot about my kids (they’ve been out of town all week with mom for spring break vacation) and I even imagined seeing them as I made the finish line of the Disney Half-Marathon. Got a little emotional too, I’ll admit. But I ran that distance, even with a couple of walk breaks for stretching my back, in a pretty decent time for an overweight novice runner.

The link is here:

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