Race result

Much better running conditions this morning. A major storm had just rumbled through and the course was wet and the temp was cool, maybe 60 degrees at race time. This course was a flat course that took us over the Ouachita River and back to Monroe. Low turnout because of the storms, but some good runners nonetheless.

I beat my goal ( sub 33), finishing in 31:46. I started out fast, maybe too fast–probably following these great runners a little too close and my first mile clocked at 9:33, mile 2 at 10:32, and mile 3 at 10:41. The last tenth of a mile clocked at :58. I am satisfied with the result. That is my fastest ever mile time for mile 3, which shows that I have built some stamina but really need to get serious. Plus, my family was at the finish line and cheering me on. That gave me a last 100 yard kick.

Lisa, my triathlete friend is supposed to give me a 1/2 marathon training program next week.

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