Back, sort of

First run in 2 weeks this morning. Ran just short of three miles. Stopped every mile to walk and stretch. I found myself favoring my hurt leg and really trying to feel anything at all. I felt something….not pain, not pulling, but kind of a tugging in the area…I think. I’m not sure if I had phantom pain, imagined pain, imagined something. It definitely did NOT hurt, but …

I iced it when I got home, took ibuprofen, stretched and haven’t felt any pain all day. I’ll rest tomorrow and do some elliptical, then run again on Wednesday. I believe my calves will be sore tomorrow, mainly from not running for so long. We’ll see.

I am at my in-laws’ beach front condo this week, and when I returned I grabbed what I thought was a slushy ice-bag from their freezer and wrapped it on my achilles with an ace bandage. I kept thinking that this really was cold, and later found that I had a mild case of frost bite!!!!! He had concocted a mix of slush and rubbing alcohol that did not freeze, but remained slushy but extremely cold. I now have a frost bit area on my lower calf. As Homer would say, doh!

I felt great otherwise. All this rest has really allowed those other areas of my body to recover. I feel ready to break out of this injury cocoon.

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