So far, so good—-and boy is it hot!

Well, I had my second run back from achilles rest and recovery. Did just under three miles at 12 minutes pace. Felt better than Monday, but not perfect. Maybe I am expecting too much. Will I always have the achilles in the back of my mind? Will I always feel “something” there? Between wondering IF I actually feel something (let’s be clear: I feel NO pain) and dealing with my frostbit calf (which feels like a bad sunburn–you know how if you move or stretch after a sunburn, it feels like the skin is tight and “burning”? That’s how it feels back there. So it is hard for me to determine if my calf is tight or my skin is tight from frostbite.

But the larger issue is that I am running again, ever so slowly and patiently.

What I am feeling is HOT! Today at 6 am in Panama City Beach, Florida it was 80 degrees (F) and 96% humidity–before the sun had risen in full!!!!! I ran three and was totally drenched–as if I had jumped in the pool! I was seriously under-hydrated and got the dry-heaves when I got back to the condo. A boat load of water and I felt better. I plan on running the treadmill on Friday!

Can anyone recommend a good, light, hydration pack?

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  1. I recently picked up a Camelbak Flashflo. It is a fanny pack that holds one of their standard type of hydration packs – it holds up to 45 oz of water, but I find that if I carry more than 32 or so it gets a little heavy for me. 32 oz will get me 8-10 miles.The Fuel Belts are pretty good too. I used one of those for a long time. It lets you bring a couple of different drinks (water and Gatorade) if you want.Finally the key to hydration is what you are drinking when you are not running! Drink at least 64 oz of water a day – then add to that if you go for a run. Avoid caffeine – it tends to dehydrate you as does alcohol.I run in central Florida near Orlando, so I know the heat feeling. I come back from my runs and can wring out my clothes.Good luck on hydrating!!! Hang in there with the injury recovery. When you think you “feel” something, try to make sure you are relaxed as you run and are not favoring it.🙂

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