First day back: a report

Sunday was my first day back to running in more than a month. As instructed, I ran around our local high school track (nice padded surface). I ran the straights and walked the curves. I did jog one lap at the end to calibrate my new foot pod. I ran a total of probably three miles. One thing I HATE about the track is my inability to keep up with how many laps I run. Was that 6 or 7? Have I gone a mile yet?

The foot pod will assist my memory for future runs. But to accurately calibrate the thing, one has to run at least 4oo meters. I didn’t want to do that until well after I had warmed up.

I felt…well… okay. No pain in the achilles area. Although my body did react in a way that it realized something new was happening. I underestimated how much I would have to reintroduce my body to running. From my feet through my hips, the body is reacquainted itself with pounding and running. My IT band got stiff near the end of the run, in my outer left knee area. But this is just a matter of better IT stretching.

I’ll do this for a couple of weeks and then get back into distance runs off the track, maybe. So far, so good.

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