Day 2: still feeling good

2d day back this morning. Back at the track. I walked two laps as warmup, then ran the straights and walked the curves for 2.5 more miles. Getting used to the footpod. I had thought it was measuring my distance a little generous until I realized that for the first part of my session, I was NOT in the inside lane of the track. Rather I had waked/run on the outside lanes, which added distance. So, all worked fine.

Ice and ibuprofen after exercise and alternate workout tomorrow. Back at it Thursday. I felt much betrer all over this morning. No IT band/knee soreness. No achilles issues either.

So far so good. Taking it slooowww. Which means no soccer reffing for a while. I told the local assignor that I won’t be able to ref any local soccer games until I am fully back.


  1. Enjoyed hearing about your blog on Fdip! My husband and I moved to Kentucky last year after four great years at LA Tech in Ruston, LA. My dad grew up in Monroe and I still have a lot of family there – it was great to hear it mentioned on Fdip! Good luck on your running – ease back in slowly and you will do great in Memphis.

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