Great Sunday run

I had my regular Sunday long run this cool morning (36 degrees). I had planned to run 4 easy base miles, but felt so good at 4 that I decided to push on for 5 at mostly a 12:30 pace. One of the big reasons for this was that I was listening to an old Fdip about first marathon stories. Boy, did those stories have me jazzed.

At 4.6, I ran into the fast runners that I ran with some of last summer. They talked me into pushing a little farther. We ran a 10:30 pace for almost another 2 miles. So my 4-miler became a 6.4 miler. I was thrilled. My fast pace (slow for them) after running 4.5 was good and although my HR jumped to close to 79%, I felt good and could maintain some conversation with them. It was a great test. I ran 6.4 in 1:18. Not fast, but for me at this stage a good time and result.


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