My new Hind Jacket

Because of the weather, and because I despise treadmill running, I was only able to run once this week, on Friday. I did a nice three-miler and felt good. No issues. I can really feel the difference when I keep my HR down and keep a steady pace while doing these base miles. I am kinda following Galloway’s walk break plan, and taking a quick walk break every half mile or so.

It has been colder than usual down here this winter. Typically, in Louisiana, you might get 3 days of highs in the 40s, followed by a week of 60s. But January has been consistently colder than previous years. I am a man who loves bundling up in cold weather. But that was before I started running at 5:30 AM! Now I am favoring milder temps.

I forgot to tell you, but over the Christmas break I was visiting relatives and went to Destin, FL to a HUGE outlet complex. There was a Saucony outlet store there and I bought a Hind Go.2 Jacket. (Hind is owned by Saucony–who knew?). This is a wind and water resistant jacket that has really performed well. If is is in the 30s, I can wear 2 t shirts under it and feel no cold after I’ve run for a mile. Or I can wear an Under Armour cold gear shirt under it for temps in the 20s. Very nice. I bought it on sale for 79 dollars. (That’s right, the regular price was 138) What a bargain. (he said with tongue in cheek)

Here is a pic. Mine is red and black, nicer looking than the one shown.


  1. Hey man… I realize you have no idea who I am, but I found you blog and thought it was awesome that you are another “runner of faith.” I don’t know if you feel the same way, but for me, my running is one of the most spiritual things I do. I find God out there. I love it.I also saw that you had “New Kind of Christian” listed in your favorite books. Very awesome. Loved the book.By the way, nice jacket.

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