Well, I finally broke the 8 mile barrier on Feb. 10. I had run 7.5 last summer on the eve of the Achilles/Calf injury but never got above that distance–until now. I finally met and exceeded the 8 mile mark. In short, the run was great. I started slow and built up a string of negative splits. Other than a slight break at mile 4 to return to my car and shed clothing as the sun came up–and ditch an iPod I forgot to charge– I ran pretty solid.

Here are my splits:
14:32 (break at car to shed clothes)
Total 1:45

I felt pretty good about this. I had strength at the end, although my legs and ankles were wondering what I was doing to them.

I am now at the point where 13 doesn’t seem so far away. 26.2? That’s another issue entirely!


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