Eight more…and then some

Had another great run on Sunday the 17th. Eight more miles. This time I felt stronger than in the first 8-miler. I also ran it about 3 minutes faster, at a 12:50 pace. While I didn’t have a bunch of negative splits, I did seem to alternate miles in the 12s and 13s. That is, one mile would be 12:30, the other 13:20, and this pattern continued for the entire run. Some of this had to do with picture taking. I’ve been wanting to take my camera and snap a few shots of my route for you. So, I’ve posted a few of them below. Between the two 8-milers, I had an up-and-down week. My Tuesday run was interrupted by intestinal problems most likely resulting in eating chili the night before. Note to self: no more chili on run eves.

This is Deborah Drive in Monroe with the sun peaking up after night of rainfall. One of the roads I run on. Lovely neighborhood. I don’t live there. The rent’s a little too high for college professors in the humanities, but I drive to my health club, park, and run from there. My neighborhood is too close to busy streets and I want to live.

Above is Island Drive in Monroe. This is the really high rent district. I may be a “Doctor” but not the right kind of Doctor to live here. Which reminds me of a New yorker cartoon from years ago. One panel, a maitre’d is on the phone taking a reservation and says something like, “Table for two, Dr. Jones. Now are you a real doctor or just a Ph.D.?” This is a beautiful street and from this view if you looked to the left, you will see a pretty bayou.

Here is the bayou. Nice, eh? This was a lovely Sunday morning and I was 6 miles into the 8 mile run.

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