"good looking legs!"

First, let me say that although I have only run 2 10-milers, this last one was awesome. I had energy, my legs didn’t hurt after 8, and I felt great. It was warmer than usual on a Sunday morning around 7 AM, but the day was beautiful. My first two miles were warm-up miles, slower pace and easy strides. But once I got into the zone, I was really going. I ran this 10 in 1:57, shaving some 13 minutes off of the first 10-miler last week. The half-marathon really is within grasp now.

As with last week’s run, I had my camelback and a bag of Clif Shot bloks. Since it was warmer, the bloks weren’t as stiff and hard as when it was 36 degrees. Much easier to chew, so no hacking on the road.

Okay. Now the legs story. I wore shorts. It was maybe 60 degrees, so not cold enough for tights. I was about 7 miles into my run down Island Drive (see pictures in an earlier post) when I ran by a house with a couple of pickups in the driveway and two older gentlemen in what appeared to be hunting gear. I gave the standard wave greeting, said good morning and jogged past them. As I went by, one of them said “good looking legs!” It took a moment for that to register with me. Getting ogled by an old man is not what most 40-year old men expect (nor wish) to hear while on long runs. While I remain faithful to my wife, I must confess that I much rather liked to have heard such a comment from a woman—-any woman. How did I respond? I shouted back to him, “I don’t know whether to say ‘thanks’ or to run faster.” I really don’t think my legs are that special. But I might post a pic here for you to vote on.

Running 8 miles later today. The time change really got me. But I rose early and saw the temp outside–29 degrees–which sealed my decision to not run. I’ll run after church today when the temps will be in the 60s.

Less than a month until Dallas. I registered this week, so I am official.


  1. Wow. I guess I guess as a woman I’d rather hear that kind of a comment from a woman. Because if a man yelled it at me, I’d probably run faster to get away! (yet still be flattered)

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