How do I explain this?

Sunday. Eight miles scheduled on the day of daylight savings time. Usually I run in the early morning hours, but it was too cold, and I was still very tired from losing that precious hour of sleep. So I told myself I’d run in the afternoon after church. So I did. Temps in the hi 50s/low 60s. Sun shining. Perfect day for a run. So I throw on my visor to soak up sweat and go for an 8-miler. Guess I forgeot about my bald head and the sun. It didn’t occur to me that wearing the visor was to invite a weird sunburn! Got home today and after the shower discovered this:

I’m going to be explaining this one for a while.

By the way, the run was good. Averaged a 12 minute/mile for 8, but that doesn’t account for the 4-6 minutes I stopped for water and spoke with a friend of mine. So I averaged a pace under 12 minutes per mile. Not bad. But I felt it today. The sun sapped me of energy. I’ve been tired all day from the fast run and the sun and am headed to bed.

Okay. Here is a self-made pic of my legs. Really, now. Do these legs merit a catcall from anyone, much less a 60-year old man?


  1. Gordon,Yes, those legs merit some cat-calling! Funny story: my husband, who has identical legs to yours, in my opinion, received a compliment from my trainer at the gym. He has been walking on the clouds ever since!Oh your poor head…. sorry.

  2. love your reply about the limping, may have to use it!! 🙂 even though i don’t mind explaining it too much because i’m pretty darn proud of my accomplishment. good luck in your quest for Disney! I’ll be watching for updates, and good luck on the healing of the sunburn too… i’m longing for the days to get back out to running in shorts and tank tops, etc, instead of layer upon layer.

  3. Just found your blog via CRN. Very funny posts. I, too, struggled with my first pair of running tights and what to wear under them. Being in the midwest where cold means single digits, I had to smile that “cold” in some parts means in the 40’s. That’s practically running shorts weather here. In any case, I’m glad to have found your blog and plan on following your training. Take it easy!

  4. yes, several of you who live in northern regions will laugh at my “cold” weather: 30s and 40s. Having run consistently in the early a.m. throughout winter, I am getting tired of gathering clothes each night to bundle up with each morning. warmer weather brings simpler pre-run planning and dressing!

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