Cho-Pat to the rescue?

A friend of mine has a friend….who swears by the IT band support by Cho-Pat. So I ordered one. No running until Friday at the earliest, and only then will I do no more than 2 miles. It is usually after 3 that I hurt. So, I’ll do a bunch of 2 milers before the race. My new It Band support will be here late in the week or early next. Just in time to use for the race.

Hot baths, stretching, icing, and ibuprofen in the meantime.

Here is a pic:


  1. apparently the cho-pat puts pressure on your sore point which is supposed to keep the IT band from rubbing the wrong way against either your knee ligaments or the knee itself. that friction from rubbing the wrong way is what creates the pain. dunno if it works or not, but worth a 15 dollar try.

  2. Hey Gordon!Thanks for the comment, do you know where I can findthe number to call I searched their site and found nothing….My history thesis is on films of the Holocaust and the impact the films have had on people through the years.The filmsare from1959 with AnneFrank to 1993 with Schindler’s List.

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