IT Band blues

For the past two weeks, during my long runs, my right IT band has really tightened up and been quite painful, to the point I had to stop and walk. I am really concerned. 13 days until Dallas and I have this issue! Here is the plan: no more running until Dallas. My triathlete friend says that this close to the race my fitness is already set, but that speed will be the issue. I’ve never been really consumed with speed. I just want to finish. So, I’ll rest it, lay off running and do only spin class and other cardio exercises. There is little to no swelling, and by this morning the pain has all but disappeared. I plan to ice it twice a day after stretching the fool out of it, while popping Ibuprofen.

This is really frustrating. Just when I get to the point where I feel good about this, I have another nagging injury. I was supposed to run 8 yesterday, but eeked out 6.4, the last 3/4 mile walking.

The problem is that until 3.5 miles into my run yesterday, everything felt great. My feet felt good, had no calf or achilles issues, my pace was solid, then wham!

If you are the praying type, say a little one for me and my mood and my IT band.


  1. That stinks! From my experience with ITBS…ice and stretching work…also not suprised by the sudden onset after running a few miles…when I had this last fall I had the same experience. Keep on eye on running on slanted surfaces as well – although you are presenting in your right leg while the left leg is more common from running on slanted shoulders against traffic. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. That stinks!I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery 🙂Also anyone know how soon after you register for Disney that you recieve an email?I haven’t gotten one yet,but they took my money….

  3. Coffegrl,I got my registration confirmation the next day. If you haven’t rec’d an email yet, you might want to call…..And running on canal berms, or levies, is good on the knees, but watch for slick grass, uneven turf, and dog “gifts”

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