That is the number of days until the start of the WDW marathon, the training for which I formally began today with a nice 3 mile run.

I think I am fully recovered from IT issues that cropped up while I trained for the Big D half-marathon. Just to be sure, I’ll visit the massage therapist tomorrow. I found a nice stretching routine on the web and have followed it pretty closely. I also am spending more post-run time on really stretching the hips and IT bands. Following a piece of advice my therapist gave me, I rarely stretch pre-run. I walk to get the blood flowing, but no deep stretches. He says to stretch while cold is the same as freezing a rubber band, then stretching it out. It is most likely to break. He says we do the same thing when deeply stretching cold muscles–we can tear them and create injury.

I don’t know if any of you have the Brooks Beast shoes, but I find them to be roomy, not enough to bother me, but I do think about it a lot. Here’s the deal, though, when I am running, they feel great. When I walk around or stretch, I notice their roominess, especially in the toe box. But I have read a lot of online reviews that the Beast toe box is huge. So I wear more cusion-y socks and all is well.


  1. Would love to see a link to those good stretches – ITB is something that bugs me too. And as for roomy shoes – my running shoes are considerably bigger than my other shoes and the extra room in your toebox is good if it doesn’t cause blisters or sliding around – you’re less likely to get the horrid black toenails etc. that other runners have…

  2. Glad to hear your training for Disney has started! I am looking forward to hearing your Disney updates.I wear Brooks Adrenaline’s just for the large toebox. I was wearing Brooks Addictions and when I switched to Asics, I developed the infamous black toe – one on each foot!! With the return to Brooks I am doing just fine!Happy training!

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