Dog days!

The dog days are here. Heat and hiumidity make it hard to run. New job and moving stuff makes it hard to get up at 5:30. Slept in yesterday on the coolest day of summer that was perfect for a Sunday long run. But slug that I am, hit snooze and slept in. So, last night, I went out for a 45 minute run–just to say I ran– and punished myself by running up every huge hill that I found. And there are lots of them in my new town. By the end fo rthe run I had put Creed’s “Higher” on the iPod and was sprinting across a golf course to the finish. Felt good.

I should have my Polar RS200 watch back this week. I have no idea how far I am running and iut bugs me. Got an email from Polar service last Friday that it was shipping. Hopefully it won’t be long.

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