Return of the mojo

The Disney Marathon is a mere 148 days away. I feel better about running. We’ve had an atypical low-humidity-low-temp spell in northeastern Alabama. So, I’ve a pretty good string of runs. Today I ran a 6-miler on the Chief Ladiga Trail (pictured above) (follow this link to read about rails-to-trails: This is a flat running and biking trail built on unused railroad beds. Nice and flat. This particular trail extends some 33 miles into Georgia. This will be great for really long marathon training runs, which are getting closer and closer. There is half marathon on this trail in October. I plan on running it.

I am afraid I have been a little too consumed with speed recently at the expense of good quality slow miles. So, I am stepping back and working on those all-important base miles for the marathon. I am a firt-time marathoner, so the point is to finish and get the medal.

Anyone here on facebook. Send me an email and maybe we be “friends.”


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