140 days

Sorry to keep giving you countdown status. But we’ve been making our reservations and dining arrangements for Disney Marathon weekend. I have felt re-energized. Don’t know if it is the weather, finally getting over the move, or what, but this has been my strongest week of running since the early summer. Friday was a great tempo run. Today we got hit by the remnants of Fay in the morning. Lots of heavy rain, so I slept in. Over the last few weeks, I’d have blown off the run altogether, but Disney is getting closer. I went out this afternoon and did a solid 7 miles. Had to slow the pace a couple of times, to keep my HR under 80% which is essential to building an endurance base. In mile 7, I really booked it and ran close to 10:15 pace. I felt great to have that kick so late in a long run.

Here is a link to the course map. Looking at it has me excited about the run, which, in turn, motivates me to make my workouts. I don’t want to let my family down.



  1. Way to go, Mr. Mojo! 10:15 is FAST!Anyone who runs 26.2 miles – period – is a hero. There’s no way you could let down your family, much less anyone else! Go forth!

  2. Gordon! Thanks for the link! I’ll link back to you, as well!I did not know what to think about running a marathon. I still haven’t, but I’ve spent the money on the flight, the hotel, the shuttles and the registration. I am going to Chicago!If you use a good training plan (look around for them, review what you find, then look around again!) you will be able to achieve the goal of a marathon! Or at least I hope I won’t be eating those words.Remember that I am a grand master (50 – 60 years of age) and a Clydesdale runner (greater than 200 pounds – 215 lbs right now). So, I am setting up a very practical goal. I just want to finish. I’ve set my sights on a 12:00 pace. At Chicago, you need to finish within 6 1/2 hours of the start.I found a great group of people at the What’s a Few Miles among Friends? blogsite – http://runningmates.blogspot.com/.I will be running the Chicago Marathon with 3 others from that site.So, now you know that I am large and older and am running my first marathon! If it is any consolation, the marathon distance itself has GOT TO BE easier than the the training!Good luck with your decision, Gordon. I’m telling you that you can do it. Be aware, though… The training schedule will conflict with life in many ways. Just be strong and stick to it!

  3. I forgot to tell you. I have been checking my marathon route using Google Earth and Google maps with the street view function.Makes it real interesting as you can actually see whit it shows on the map!Try it!maps.google.com

  4. Is it really 140 days away? Wow!!Yes it is so exciting….and just try to run down Mainstreet USA with the crowds on either side cheering you on, without your eyes tearing up. I have done it twice and I can’t! And I can’t wait to do it again.Stick to your training plan and tow the line. You will do it! 🙂 And like cewtwo and the Chicago gang, there is a gang forming for Disney as well 🙂

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