Long runs, good feelings (corny title)

What a corny title. I should have called it “I really feel good about my long runs.”

For the past three weeks, I have moved from 7 to 8 to 9 miles. I have started about 45 seconds to 1:10 slower than what I guess is my goal marathon pace. As the run progresses, I speed up slightly. With one mile to go, I really turn it on and try to run a fast, comfortable, but not sprinting, pace. This has been the case over the past 2 weeks. I am really pleased with my progress, the way I feel, the lack of soreness and lack of exhaustion after the run. This has me energized for the future of my training. I can see and feel tangible results and want to pour it on. But here is the risk. I have to keep myself restrained. Don’t overdo it, stick with the plan. But I feel great.

I have joined two groups: “endurance sports bar” and “what’s a few miles among friends” (links on this page) and am posting miles and any info that is helpful. So, I hope you’ll visit those sites. Good people, all of them.


  1. Great to hear how well your training is going. Yes, marathon training is easy to overdo and for many, half the battle is just getting to race day injury-free. Keep up the good work and thanks for the plug to both groups!

  2. I agree! Shirley is the guru!She assisted me in understanding that I don’t have to win it. I really need to finish. That is my goal. When I have one under my belt, then who knows!You seem to be doing fine, Gordon!

  3. You’re doing so well! Looks like our longrun mileage parallels are uncanny. I am doing 10 this weekend.I agree; getting to the starting line injury-free is of the utmost importance.

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