Am I getting faster!?

I had a great run on Sunday. 9.3 miles. On Tuesday I was scheduled to do 4 miles of fartleks. I started off nice and seemed to get faster with each mile. So my fartlek run became a tempo run. I felt strong over the 4 miles. Each mile had a negative split and I average 11:28 over the 4. I have dropped a minute off my pace in about 4 months. The hills here have to be part of the reason. They are giving me strength and endurance so that when I get on a flat stretch I can boogie. The extreme flatness of Louisiana was doing me no favors. That is why my pace held steady for a year until the move to the hills.

I was also recording some audio to submit to the extra mile podcast, so I was talking the whole time. Being able to hold that ace while also talking in conversational tones is a great sign! I’ll let you know if they accept it and if it airs.

I was also able to tune in on to the Runner’s Roundtable this afternoon. The live show and chat was a blast. Check the website: and

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