Hill running DOES make one faster—sort of.

Neat link on Hill running:

This is a solid piece on Cool Running that discusses the affect Hill running has on your speed. Most of my hills are in my regular runs, what some call “passive hill running.” What most of the research I have read concludes is that long hill repeats (400-800 meters) and short hill bursts (15-45 seconds) can do the most for one’s speed.

BUT, running hills in general as part of regular run courses can help, because it makes you stronger and builds the same muscles you use to accelerate. I agree. Today I didn’t have a particularly good run, but even in my not feeling great, my legs felt like they had more power than a few months ago. Something is changing in my body and my running, and hills have been PART of that positive change.

My plan calls for me to start some long hill repeats and I have just the hill for it. I’ll post a picture soon, so you can see.

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