The miles are adding up

The miles are adding up. This chart shows my runs from August 15 through Sunday September 14.

Here are my Monthly Distances
Sept: 41.1 Mi
August: 68.3 Mi
July: 60.5 Mi
June: 59.7 Mi
May: 45.4 Mi
April: 26.0 Mi

I am well into marathon training and after a step-down this week of only about 18 miles, I’ll start working up to long runs in the teens. I feel really good about where I am now. My recovery time after yesterday’s 10 was short compared to past long runs (except that the heat and humidity was bad, and stupid Gordon overslept and started the run late! Ran out of water at 8 miles and was semi-dehydrated for the rest of the day. Dumb, dumb Gordon!)

But in terms of knee pain, or muscle soreness, there is less of that than I am accustomed to from the spring.


  1. Good news! And nice chart.I find that I drink about 2 oz. of water per mile… because I have a 20 oz. bottle and often have lots left on my “short” longruns these days.

  2. See, Gordon? You can do it! That is exactly why you use a training plan! What training plan are you using?I am using a Hal Higdon Modified Novice Marathon training plan. It looked impossible but I was ready at every stage. You will be, too!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog Gordon. I know what you mean about the miles adding up, but it’s great to be able to keep increasing.

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