15. Done!

Ran 15 this morning. I counted 13.1 of it as my Worldwide Half entry. Since 1) I had never run this far in my life and 2) I hadn’t run this far since April when i ran the Big D half, I had a strategy. I would start off slow–or slower than usual–and take walk breaks of 30 seconds after each mile. As the run went along, I increased the distance between walk breaks and picked up my pace. My fastest miles appeared after mile 7. By the time I reached mile 10, my body was dealing with the distance. No injuries, but my body was talking to me. I stretched a couple of times and made sure to consistently sip my water and not gulp it, as I have done in the past. With 3 miles to go I kept fantasizing about the ice bath I was planning to take.

With 2 miles to go the sun was rising and the temps were climbing, but I struggled through and finished. I made myself run faster in the last .25 of a mile and finished the run strong. I ran 15 miles in 3:15. Not fast by any means, but the goal was to finish and not get hurt.

I took an ice bath immediately after arriving home and should have bought 2 bags. But the bath worked and my knees are nowhere near as sore as I thought they would be. I’ll get 2 bags when I run 19. So I can confirm that ice baths after long runs work.

The new individual toe, Injinji socks worked like a charm. No toe nail issues at all. But the mileage will surely give me a darkened big toenail. I could feel it all day.

I counted 13.1 miles of that run as my Worldwide Half entry and recorder 2:45 for that run.

I am proud to have run 15 now and am building confidence about finishing the marathon. But I have a lot of work to do till then.


  1. Congrats on your 15-miler! Glad the ice bath seemed to help. Mileage alone shouldn’t give you a darkened toenail, however. Something must be bothering it when you run and so the more you run, the more it’s being irritated.

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