Episode 2 now available

Episode 2 of the podcast is now available. Let me know what you think.
I discuss what lack of sleep does to my training. Small dogs attack me while on a run. And I report that science is proving that chocolate milk is the perfect post-run recovery drink.


  1. I listened! I am really enjoying your show, Gordon. I have recently tried the chocolate milk thing. I’m not sure if it works or not… but dang it tastes good!

  2. Hi- I heard you on the Extra Mile podcast and had to check your site out. There was strange synchronicity when I was listening: I kept hitting hills when you did, I passed a dog at one point when you were describing the German Shepard, and when you clocked your running time at 23 minutes, I too, was at 23 minutes.Anyhow, you made a nice running partner so I look forward to checking out your podcast on my next run.Take care!

  3. Enjoyed your podcast. Any other tips/tricks/advice you can glean from folks who have run the Disney Marathon would be appreciated along the way, though I’m betting that’s your plan as the race draws near. I look forward to your next podcast. See you in Orlando as part of the “back of the pack” gang. 🙂

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