A Day Off

Since July I haven’t missed many runs on this journey to run Disney. But today I took a personal day–I slept in. The week has been a hectic one at work, my car had problems and had to get towed to the shop, I stayed up too late on election night drinking wine and watching returns roll in, and I needed a day off.

I am beyond beating myself up for taking recovery days instead of a run And I think in the long run, it helps get me back on the road refreshed and appreciative of the run. When it feels like a job or something we HAVE to do, then we need a break. That said, I am eager to get back on the road on Friday and excited about a 19 miler on Sunday morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thank you all so much or the feedback on the podcast. I am having a blast and plan to incorporate many of your great suggestions. I am grateful that you took a chance on me.


  1. Good luck on the 19 miler! You are THERE.I agree; rest days are fabulous. I have taken 2 days in a row now. But tomorrow I am doing 6!I look forward to the next fabulous podcast.

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