19 miles, a big chocolate milk, and an ice bath (or two)

19 Miles on Sunday. 19. I still can’t believe that I did it. Running 10 seems like so far away as a milestone. But here we are at 19. In two weeks. I’ll do 20. I just might pull this marathon thing off. Like I said. Remember, I am a pre-middle aged, bald, chubby, slow runner. So I did the 19 in 4:08, averaging 13 minutes a mile. That is good for me for that long a run. Disney race requirements are that you run the marathon no slower than 16 minutes per mile. I am pretty sure that I can finish without getting swept by the van.

I felt really strong in the first 10 or so miles, which I ran a good part up a semi-steady slight incline along a former railway–now a trailway. The temps were in the 30s when I started the run at 7 AM on Sunday but as the sun rose, it warmed to close to 49 or 50 degrees, so at mile 12 I stopped by my car and shed some clothing while refilling my camelbak. The last 7 mile stretch was a 3.5 mile each way out and back. I started to fatigue and took a couple of more gels with a little more frequency than I did the first 12 miles. I might have under-gelled, since I had three left after the run and only consumed 4 during the run. I should have had all 7. But there were no body issues, I felt fine, and was only tired after running the farthest in my life.
On my iPod, I alternated my favorite running podcasts with music to give me nice breaks and help my pace late in the run. It really seemed to work. I realize now that I need to put a little more music in the listening I do for runs as it really does help the pace, if not give an emotional lift.

On the way home, I bought 2 bags of ice and one big chocolate milk, which tasted divine! (the milk, not the ice). My body was talking to me for the rest of the day and stairs were quite an adventure. I skipped a short run scheduled for today to recover fully and I feel great. I am ready to get back on the road tomorrow morning.

New podcast is coming out in a couple of days. Thanks for the kind feedback and if you think about it go to iTunes and leave some comments and ratings. And tell a friend if you think the podcast worthy.


  1. Chocolate milk – The after run sports drink of champions!Good for you! A long run! You must feel great about yourself to realize that you are among the very few!I run 16 miles next weekend and 18 the weekend after that and then I start my taper!I’ll be listening to your podcast!With a 13:00 pace, we could succeed together!

  2. That is WONDERFUL, Gordon!!! If I EVER get back into shape post-baby (LOL) we must find a way to run together someday. You are just doing an amazing job. Disney will be the best day of your life!

  3. Nice Blog and Good Work!We’re both geared towards a simular goal … to meet the Mouse at the finish line.Good luck and Happy Running!

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