Did 20 today. A little better run that the 19 from two weeks ago. I had better energy and fitness through about 17, when I started to tire. Mile 20 was pretty tough. Part of it were my legs and feet telling me I was crazy for running this long. But I could get in a rhythm and get going for a while. I ran the whole 20 in 4:17:84–a 12:51 per mile pace over 20. Other than a couple of stretching and gel breaks, my average per mile stayed in the 12s until mile 19 when I hit the wall. And it was a big wall! That last mile took forever .

I only ate a bagel with peanut butter this morning before the run. I am thinking that my pre-run fueling was insufficient. I need to investigate what to eat before the long run. I think I also need to eat a Powerbar or clif bar in the middle of the run, too. I did take a small serving of M&Ms for late in the run and they helped. But the affect was short lived.

I got back to the car and found on my face that dry white salty residue from sweating out your electrolytes. I thought about Charles from Colorado! What happened was that when I started the run, it was quite cool, but the sun came out and I heated up, but was several miles from the car. I had to wait until mile 10 to ditch a jacket. After the run it got overcast again and cooled off pretty quickly. I need to remember to dress a little lighter than i think I should for the marathon. I’m going to be out there for awhile. I little discomfort before sun up will not be as bad as a lot of heat late in my race. Today I was clearly overdressed.

After the run, I went to our local dump and waddled up to the sign (it was closed today) and took a picture for inclusion in the Dump Runners Club.

An ice bath and a chocolate milk later and here I am. One more long run in the books and 20 miles closer to Disney. New podcast coming out next week.


  1. Congrats on your 20-miler! Indeed, fueling before and during a long run should help. I usually eat two bagels with PB and a banana. Then I refuel with energy gels along the way. In training for my first marathon, I didn’t know that people ate during races so I went with water only in training. Much harder but doable. I don’t recommend it.

  2. Congrats, Dump Runner! I personally think that 20 is THE hardest training distance (worse than 22). Mental, I know.You look younger in this photo than the previous ones. Must be all that running. 🙂

  3. I wanted to say congrats, too. We did 16 today and it was WAY better than the 14 last week. I also eat bananas and peanut butter on a bagel or white bread beforehand. I also throw in a bowl of cereal and recently half a cup of green tea. We ate Snickers Marathon Bars today and Clif shot blocks. They were both tasty AND effective. Best of luck with the layering. I’m finding it difficult myself. I found a helpful website, though: http://www.runningplanet.com/training/dressing-for-cold-weather-running.htmlWhat training schedule are you using by the way? We don’t run 20 until next month.

  4. Congratulations on your 20! That’s a big milestone in training and once you’ve done that, you’ll have no problem with the race itself.For my long runs, I have a protein shake (made with milk) before I start and then I have Gu gel every 45 minutes or so. I bring Powerade or Gatorade, too. That has worked for me for three years of marathon training, but bagels, PB, bananas also work. I’ve been drinking protein shakes for breakfast for seven years now, so my body is used to the protein surge and the dairy. I ran my 18-miler on Saturday with snow covering the roads and sidewalks (not deep, but still…)in 3:43, so I went through 4 gels and my Powerade. You should have a couple more long runs to figure out the best pre-race meal for yourself, too.

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