December: 109.9 miles

Nothing left but a week of taper and the Disney Marathon. Let’s do this thing.


  1. Best of luck at WDW… love the blog, enjoyed reading your journey over the past few months. Keep ’em coming! Envision your kids at the finish line, that’ll keep you going! Can’t wait for the next podcast too.

  2. You can do it! Let us all know how to track your progress on race day. You probably have alot of people who are interested in how you are doing. Great blog. You can do it! Way to go!

  3. Just listened to Episode 6 during my run. You are doing a great job podcasting (love the music, too) and I can’t wait to hear about Disney. Have a fantastic time and just enjoy the experience – you only run your first marathon once 🙂 I ran my first one with a big grin on my face thinking the whole time, I’m running a marathon??!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Take it easy this week and safe travels. Enjoy!!

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