That’s it

Did my last LSD (long slow distance) run today: 8 miles. Now all I have left are two easy runs on Monday and wednesday. We drive down to WDW on Wednesday afternoon, enjoy the parks on Thursday thru Saturday and then I run the marathon on Sunday. Thursday at noon, I’ll leave my family and head to the race expo to get my bib and goody bag, test my chip, and spend more money than I should buying stuff. Friday I’ll spend all day in the parks with the family. Saturday we’ll all be together until about 2, when I head back to the resort and relax before going to bed and TRYING to sleep before a 2:45 wake up to get ready, eat, meet the bus, and hang out with 20 or so thousand of my closest running friends before a 5:50 AM start.

The 8 today was uneventful. I ran two easy warm up miles, then ran the next 4.5 at marathon pace or faster. The last two I tried to slow down, but still ran at marathon pace for the last miles as well. I found myself kind of bored, to be honest. All the buildup for this week has left me ready to go, so running another 8 miles on the same trail I’ve run on for the last 5 months wasn’t the most enticing thing. My shorter runs have been great, on the contrary. 4 miles here and there run at a pretty good clip have felt good.

More later, including bib number and info on how to follow me during the race–if you are bored or bed ridden.


  1. I’m so excited for you! I bet the expo will be a great experience. My first marathon expo was a big deal for me. And I bet Disney’s will be super!On your drive down you’ll certainly LOOK like a marathoner with your 26.2 license plate. 🙂I enjoyed your most recent podcast. I am just so darn excited for you!

  2. Great job with the training! The race will be a wonderful experience because of your dedication to preparing for this great event. I hope to see you there!

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