How to track the slow, bald man

If you would like to sign up for the notoriously slow official update service form Disney, here is the link: Disney Marathon Tracking

My bib number is 9704.

Link to Marathon Map

I am in the D Corral/Red Course and am estimating that I’ll finish sometime between 5:40 and 6:10 depending on the temps, my race day mojo, and if all things fall into place for a great run. Mind you, finishing for me will be a GREAT run, but times are always in the back of my mind, albeit in the deepest recesses of my noggin! Really, though, as long as I finish under 7 hours, which I will (to avoid the sweepers), I don’t care how long it takes me.

You can also follow me on twitter click this link for my updates page: disneyrunner. I’ll use twitterphone to update along the way.

The meet is in the R tent at 4 AM


  1. Hey I have been listening to the podcasts Gordon and wish you all the best. <> You can do it! <> Take it one mile at a time – enjoy yourself.

  2. Gordon,I wanted you to know I’ll be thinking about you. My mantra when I run marathons is “Finish strong.” I bet you’ll be shocked at how much easier it is than you think, especially since there are no ladders to climb! HAKeep your clothes on, or at least most of them.Have fun!Let Anniston Runners know how you do.Enjoy it —Brooke

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