The dream (or why the taper is killing me)

I had the strangest dream last night. This marathon thing is getting to me now. I dreamt I was running in a marathon. Not Disney, mind you, but some random, local marathon. It was warm and I tried to exchange my t-shirt for a racing top, but they didn’t have my size. Then, as part of the marathon course, I was required to climb a 50-foot ladder to a platform, then I had to climb back down. One of the race volunteers had promised to hold this tall ladder while I climbed down (I am afraid of heights by the way). But he didn’t, so I fell to the ground, landing on my left leg. Angered, I confronted a race director about 1)why didn’t you have a volunteer hold the ladder steady for me? and, most important 2) why is there a ladder on a marathon course?! Before I got an answer my alarm went off to go run. But it was essentially flooding outside, so I turned it off and tried to return to slumber and my race director.

The good news is that I WAS clothed during the entire dream. No naked running dreams, YET.


  1. Ha ha ha! Beofre my first, I dreamed that I was running it effortlessly, with a smile — but in slow motion. Weird!

  2. my pathetic attempt to analyze: looks like you are totally prepared and are ready to deal with everything that’s in your control, and may be starting to think about those things that are out of your control (like a ladder during the course!) or bad weather, etc. good to think about those things because it’ll enable to you to deal with those factors better. let’s do this thang!hope

  3. While the marathon will be a challenge, I’m sure there won’t be any required ladder climbing 🙂 Taper madness definitely plays with your mind, especially when you have been preparing for one day, one event, for so long. You are ready for Disney! Go, Gordon, Go!!!

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