Episode 19: Lisa Colvin Interview, part 2

Part 2 of the Lisa Colvin interview.

Plus your voice mails and emails.

All music courtesy of Podsafe Music Network.

Just a reminder: this podcast is a fan-produced podcast and is not affiliated in any way with the Disney Company or its affiliated entities. (That means I cannot get you in the parks for free! I wish)


  1. Hi Gordon!
    Just found your blog by surfing for running/marathon podcasts. iTunes isn't cooperating, so I have only been able to download the first 5, but I wanted to thank you for putting it all out there!
    I actually live in central FL and decided to commit to running the Disney 2010. Have recently started training (did a 10 mile race on Thanksgiving) and was trying to find out more info about the actual race. Your recap posts (part 1 & 2) were excellent!! I have also sent them onto a friend, who is running it with me.

    In fact, the only question that remains is about the family reunion area. I saw that your family had to congratulate you through the fence and I understand that they can't be at the finish line unless purchasing a park ticket? What is the deal with the reunion area?

    I'll definitely be following your journey to the next race!

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